063: Donate All the Clothes That I Don't Wear

Once I finished moving, I tossed all the clothes I don’t need into two big garbage bags and took them to those big red boxes often seen in this area that distribute the clothes to charities and the homeless. (It would be fantastic to see a homeless guy wearing a trendy Abercrombie Henley.) While I already did not have many clothes, I’m down to a few whole suits, several dress shirts and dress pants, three pairs of jeans, two pairs of shorts, several shirts, and a week’s worth of underwear and socks. I got rid of five belts. I can’t believe I had that many belts! Simplification feels great. :-D As I buy clothes in the future, I will continue to give away the older clothing to allow this goal to remain accomplished.

I’ve added another $25 to the Charity Savings Account. That reminds me! If you haven’t already, VOTE on the poll on the right side of the page to decide which charity receives the funds!

Stay classy, fellow bloggers.