A Bachelor's Shopping List

I did a little late-night shopping yesterday at our beloved Wal-Mart. I walked through the store and added all the food I thought I’d need for the next few weeks in my cart. I had three Tombstone frozen pizzas, 2 pounds of Goldfish crackers, a box of six Yoplait yogurts, a gallon of Sunny Delight, a 12-pack of Mountain Dew Code Red, a pint of Half & Half, and a bag of cheese curds (Henning’s brand, of course!) What else could a young man want?

As I was satisfactorily heading to the check-outs, a middle-aged third-shift lady peered into my cart with eyebrows raised in a frozen glance for the entire twenty seconds it took for me to pass her. And in those twenty seconds my confidence in my shopping choices declined by twenty points. Though having left her in the dust (Wal-Mart is a dirty place!), I could still hear her laughing on account of having completely complied with her stereotype of me. I couldn’t help but crack up, myself. I immediately thought of my need to complete goal 032: Learn about dieting and create a healthy diet. Wikipedia and other nutritionist websites: Here I come!

Do you have any suggestions or advice for me?

Stay classy, fellow bloggers.