And So It Begins...

I’m one hour into the project and am both excited and intimidated. I’ve created the savings account for the charity funds (all interest earned also goes to the charity of your choice) and am ready to start making progress!

I’m not very good at writing regularly, but I hope the reason for that is lack of content. In having so much to talk about, I’m sure I’ll be blogging at least once per day.

I’m going to be putting reminders of my goals all over the place, so I can’t forget what I need to do. Here is a list of things I need to do right off the bat:

  1. Buy running shoes (Goals 28, 29, 33, and 38)
  2. Buy some music albums (Goal 71)
  3. Get my laptop audio connected to my speaker system and install my webcam+mic (Goals 1 and 2)

I’ve set up auto-pay on almost all of my revolving and installment accounts in the amounts of 100-500% of their respective minimum payment amounts, so I should be debt-free in no time! Additionally, I’m currently 15% complete with Goal 40: Create an economically-resistant back-up plan.

I have quite a few tasks that I will need to complete on a regular basis. Here is what I will need to do:


  1. Bible reading (for first year) (Goal 3)
  2. Lumosity training (Goal 12)
  3. Blog about everything
  4. Daily evaluation journal (Goal 50)
  5. Tackle the most difficult task in the day first (Goal 53)
  6. Take Vitamins (Goal 37)


  1. Write a weekly goals list (Goal 99)
  2. Language learning (Goals 1 and 2)
  3. Watch one movie (Goal 67)
  4. Listen to at least one music album (Goal 71)


  1. Perform monthly audit on productivity and security (Goal 55)


  1. Volunteer in at least one project (Goal 61)
  2. Run in at least one foot race (Goal 33)
  3. Earn at least one IT certification (Goals 13-23)

I am going to be a busy guy, but a better guy. :-)

Stay classy, fellow bloggers.