Goals for Week 1

This is the beginning of my first week of the Day Zero project. I’m starting the week sick and exhausted, unfortunately. Hopefully, this won’t greatly hinder my progress on completing the following goals:

  1. Achieve 100% of my SLAs at work
  2. Get 5 hours of billable time at MOST
  3. Complete Rosetta Stone Russian Level 1, Unit 1, Lesson 1
  4. Move 50% of the remaining crap from my parents’ house to my apartment
  5. Take 2 SAT practice tests
  6. Complete my 5 hours of training for work
  7. Fax in the four missing time logs for job 3
  8. Ship the two packages that have been sitting in my car for three weeks
  9. Cancel my YMCA membership (haven’t been using it and I moved)
  10. Watch the 100th Greatest Movie of All Time

This is going to be a good week.

Stay classy, fellow bloggers.