Goals for Week 13

It seems I am developing a nasty little habit of posting my weekly goals list at the end of the week when there is but one or two days left to allocate things to do. I always seem to find some reason for waiting, too. This week, for example, I had my wisdom teeth removed, so I was recovering from oral surgery. That was on Wednesday. On Sunday and Monday, I worked from 7pm to 7am, and then from 3p to 12a on Tuesday. But as I was saying: I always seem to find some reason for waiting. It takes but five to ten minutes to write out a goals list, especially since I already have many of the list items prepared in my mind. Here is what I really need to get done:

  • Complete the Rosetta Stone Russian Level 1 Unit 2 (Should be done with the whole level by today!)
  • Complete template for newsletter
  • Finish reading William Penn’s Fruits of Solitude

Stay classy, fellow bloggers.