Goals for Week 3

Well… I felt like I accomplished a lot. I went through five years worth of paperwork, cleaned up the apartment, and caught up with work. But I only managed to complete one of my weekly goals–and it was watching a movie. Now that I can see that my priorities are in order, I am going to be making some changes that will help to achieve my goals. Firstly, I am going to push my SAT to June, since I don’t think I am prepared enough to take it by May 1. Then, on May 1, I will be running my first foot race in the project: This 5k race is a fundraiser for foster care programs in Milwaukee.

My goals list is still very similar to the previous weeks, since I still need to complete many of the goals.

  1. Achieve 100% of my SLAs at work
  2. Make progress on the knowledge base project
  3. Complete Rosetta Stone Russian Level 1, Unit 1, Lesson 1
  4. Finish moving (I’m almost there!!)
  5. Fax in the two missing timelogs I found, and find the third
  6. Ship the remaining UPS package
  7. Watch the 99th Greatest Movie of All Time (Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner [1967])
  8. Finish the training for work
  9. Write the Daily Evaluation journal, daily! (I really suck at this.)

Stay classy, fellow bloggers.