Goals for Week 4

Wow. Time flies by! It feels like I just started this program last week. I’m about to approach a full month already! So far, I’ve accomplished quite a bit. I’ve completed three goals, watched two of 100 movies, and ran one of ten foot races. I’m scheduled to work my first volunteer project tomorrow as well.

On the other hand, I’m falling behind in other areas. For example, yesterday I was hoping to have reached the second unit in my Russian studies, but I am only half way through the first unit. I also am about two weeks behind in my Bible readings. If that isn’t already enough to do, I haven’t been writing my daily evaluations, yet! Oh! And I planned to take one certification-related exam every two months. I’m approaching one month and haven’t progressed much in my ITIL studies!

Hopefully my weekly goals can help me get back on-track:

  1. Take the coursework and write notes for the first two ITIL courses in Skillsoft
  2. Finish the first unit in Rosetta Stone Russian Level 1
  3. Clean my car
  4. Follow up with at least two clients for MOST
  5. Get the wiki up on the knowledge base server
  6. Try to locate the missing time log one more time
  7. Watch the 98th Greatest Movie of All Time (Unforgiven [1992])
  8. Finish the book of Job
  9. Write my daily evaluations… daily! I have a journal at least now. Maybe that will help.

Stay classy, fellow bloggers.