Goals for Week 8

Blech. Another late weekly. My SAT is tomorrow and I’m doing some last minute studying (all day, of course). Per Goal 010, I need to score at least a 700. The higher the score, the better off I will be. In preparation for this important exam, I answered the Official SAT Question of the Day daily for three months, took the official SAT online course, and read through the official SAT study guide. (There are a lot of officials in there, but when I grouped them all together I received a discount… Kind of like grouping auto and home insurance, except that I don’t have to pay more because I’m male and under the age of 23.)

For this week, I have two goals that I need to achieve:

  • Take the SAT
  • Finish my current lesson in Rosetta Stone after taking the SAT

Stay classy, fellow bloggers.