Laser Tag Is Fun

As a belated birthday gift, Veronika took me out for dinner at this nice restaurant downtown Madison called Hamilton on the Square. They specialize in well-made drinks and specialty plates meant for sharing among multiple people, as opposed to the traditional entreé. Consequently, the portions were small, but were priced slightly above the average dinner with adequate portions. The food was good, however. I ordered the octopus and Vee ordered the cheese balls in garlic sauce (I can no longer remember the fancy name for them.)

After dinner, she directed me to my surprise: UltraZone Laser Tag in Middleton! I’m 26 years old and have never gone laser-tagging before, so I was ultra ecstatic. Our friends Ryan and Nikki joined us with their nephew Max. I couldn’t help but notice, however, that we were by far the oldest crowd there. It’s not a great feeling getting your ass kicked by a bunch of kids, but by the third match I felt like I was holding my own. We began teaming up to protect ourselves from the other colored teams as each of us would score a base. After all bases were secured, we would roam around searching for high-point spots that would occassionally light up on the walls, while tagging as many of the other teams' members as possible. I found that building alliances with some individuals from other teams who just camp out is very valuable.

Afterword, we went to Ryan and Nikki’s place and spent the rest of the evening chatting and enjoing a few beers.

Overall, the experience was very fun. I got a bit sweaty and should probably have worn better attire, but it was a surprise after all! I would definitely do it again, especially for a more tactical variety.