Mardi Gras

When trying to decide how I would visit Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana, I realized that Mardi Gras was coming up quickly. What an adventure that would be to road trip to New Orleans for one of the largest French festivals in the world! (And to kick off Lent, which, for me, is exciting only because I love the Friday night fish fries common in the midwest during Lent.)

Veronika and I began in Milwaukee, WI to pick up our extraordinarily fancy friend, Bryan. We booked it to Indianapolis, where we stopped for some grub and good beer. Afterward, we continued on to Tenessee, alternating drivers along the way. We hadn’t yet determined where we would camp, but Veronika remembered that her friend Shelby lived in the Nashville metropolitan area, and she was kind enough to let us spend the night there with her, her boyfriend, and their (quite scary!) dog. We spent the night checking out downtown Nashville, which was loads of fun. There are so many great bars there and it seemed like every one had live music.

The next morning we stopped by an amazing coffee shop downtown before heading south toward Alabama. On the way, I noticed a sign for the Jack Daniels distillery. We all looked at one another and nodded, so a brief westbound deteor was now in effect.

I didn’t realize how large of a deteor it would be, however… An hour to drive there, an hour to drive back, and three hours perusing the campus. But it was a great time! We did their free nonalcoholic tour (the fun version was booked for an hour out and we didn’t want to spend too much time waiting.) We saw the whole process the distillery uses to make their wiskey–from the fresh spring where they get their water to the making of the oak barrels and woodchips. I would highly recommend it to anyone travelling through the area.

We continued onward toward Alabama and found a State Park just south of B…

Sadly this post has somehow been corrupted and must end here.