Movie 99: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967)

Guess who’s coming to dinner! The local meat delivery man? Nope. The manager of your mom’s San Fransisco art gallery? Guess again. How about the President of the United States and his colorful administration? Well, you’re getting warmer… We’ll settle for Secretary of State.

This movie depicted a black man and a white woman who fell in love in just ten days. Mind you, this is happening during some particularly uncertain times for racial integration. The story goes as such: The couple arrives to San Fransisco after having met in Hawaii to receive a marriage blessing from the 23-year-old girl’s parents. The parents are awestruck and shocked, despite being flamboyantly liberal. Despite not having told the girl, the 37-year-old man tells her parents that he will not marry her without their blessing, lest her relationship with them be damaged or severed. The girl’s mom approves of the marriage because she is so happy to see her daughter so happy. The girl’s father, on the other hand, disapproves of the marriage because he believes they won’t last in a prejudicial world like this one. All in all, by late afternoon, the man’s parents are invited to dinner and fly up from Las Angeles. In much the same way as the girl’s parents, the man’s mother approves and his father disapproves. During this time and until the start of the very late dinner, the battles between emotion and logic play out. To find out what happens from here on out, you will just have to watch the movie!

Despite all the arguments set forth for both logic and emotion, I must say that if I were the girl’s father, I would still disapprove of the marriage. There simply is no reason to require such a swift and rushed marriage. Even then, if two people could fall in love in twenty minutes (as was the case in this movie), ten days is not nearly enough time to learn as much about one another as would be necessary to determine whether or not they would even last. In my opinion, the decision to marry must be based on both emotion and logic, and not on one or the other solely.

All in all, this movie was quite good and I would recommend it to anyone.

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