Productivity Audit for Month 3

Wait a minute… What happened to Productivity Audit for Month 2?! Well, I have no idea.

Anyway, I have been very happy with my productivity over the last few months. The only reason I am behind in my goals is because I perhaps made my list a little too audacious! :-/ Even during the week and a half that I was sick, I still worked and learned. And now I am revamping my diet in high hopes to mitigate any future ailments my body may encounter.

I am considering a couple of changes to my goals list. As mentioned in the last post, I am considering reading a portion of the Harvard Classics for a new goal. Additionally, I am considering removing the goal to take daily vitamins. In eating healthily, I will not require them anymore, and I will save on the cost.

Speaking of eating healthily, I just went grocery shopping yesterday. I bought 1.25 lbs cashews, fresh blueberries, one whole pineapple, bananas, a bag of chicken quarters, a half gallon of 100% fruit juice in the pomegranate variety, a bag of fresh spinach leaves, three fresh bell peppers, 2 lbs spaghetti noodles, organic Ragu sauce, a four-pack of butter sticks, five multi-grain bagels, a loaf of whole grain bread, 18 large eggs, and five packs of ready-to-eat salmon; The total cost was… wait for it… fifty dollars! To be honest, when I was buying less healthy food, I was spending a hundred dollars per week at the store… Ridiculous, right?

Stay classy, fellow bloggers.