The Great Flood

Day 2: Genesis 4-7

Genesis chapter four talks about Cain killing Abel over jealousy. God favored fat portions from Abel’s livestock over the fruits of the earth brought forth by Cain. One day Cain put his foot down and said, “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!” Then he murdered his brother. God tried to trick Cain into confessing his sin, but Cain played stupid and God cursed him. The ground would no longer provide food for Cain, but nobody may kill him because of a mark God placed on him. Cain went on to build a city. (Adam and Eve must have been busy!)

Chapter five is the genealogy of Adam to Noah. I can summarize it as such:

Adam -> Seth -> Enosh -> Kenan -> Mahalalel -> Jared -> Enoch -> Methuselah -> Lamech -> Noah

Total amount of time surpassed by Noah’s birth since Adam’s birth: 1,056 Years

Noah had three sons named Shem, Ham, and Japheth. On a side note, God took Enoch away so Enoch never died. Also, Methuselah is the longest-living person recorded in the Bible.

Chapter six introduces the Great Flood. The first two paragraphs are intriguing, to say the least. The Bible mentions that the sons of God found the daughters of man to be beautiful, and that they married any they wished. This is one of two accounts in this chapter that distinguish sons of God from man, suggesting they are different species. Perhaps God’s sons were angels? Then, out of the blue, God decides he does not want to contend with man forever, so he shortens man’s life to 120 years from the 800-900 years people had been living previously.

At this time, man had become wicked and God felt pain in his heart. Personification much? Anyway, like the end of any relationship, God was upset and threatened to ruin everything he has made. Noah had favor in the eyes of God, however. God told Noah to build an ark for himself and his family and to bring on it two of every animal so the earth could become repopulated after the flood.

Chapter 7 goes on to describe the earth being flooded for forty days and forty nights. The waters stayed for 150 days. Hopefully, Noah brought enough food. Otherwise they’d have to start eating the animals. ;-)

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