Today Is Day Zero

Finally, after much delay, the Day Zero Project is about to begin. For the next 1001 days, I will be engaged in a lifestyle designed to drastically improve myself as a person and the way I live my life. I will indulge in new experiences and germinate my success. I will try new things and break free from my comfort zones. I will travel. I will fly. I will cry. (Well, maybe not, but it rhymed.)

I will post my updates (hopefully daily) right here on this blog so you may also learn from my experiences. Or perhaps you are waiting to see me abashed. (Either way my ad revenue goes up. =P) Everything I write here will be uncensored and written without amplification or hyperbole (well, maybe a little here and there since my humor is, in fact, greater than the power of all the kings and queens in the history of mankind… so to speak.)

I have created a public calendar that you may view to see how I am organizing and planning the myriad of audacious goals I have loquaciously placed before me. This is the exact calendar I am using in this endeavor, so if you aren’t seeing any updates, I’m not doing my job. You can view it here:

There are 101 goals that I need to complete in 1001 days. I learned from my last attempt on this project that my goals and aspirations change frequently at this point in my life and any major change to my life may cause new aspirations to incur. Consequently, I have left seventeen goals to be defined throughout the project. Nevertheless, they all still must be completed by the last day.

In hoping that all of my friends, family, and readers will help me accomplish these goals, I have elected to donate $25 per goal achieved to a charity of your choice. You can decide which charity will receive the maximum $2,525 lump sum by voting in the poll on the right. ->

Start date: Saturday, 10 April 2010
End date: Saturday, 5 January 2013

Thank you all for the support! And stay classy, fellow bloggers.