Touch Wood

We’ve all heard the expression “knock on wood.” I learned today that it is not uncommon for many different variations of this expression to be used worldwide.

One such expression is “touch wood.”

If you’re American, I know what you’re thinking. If you’re not American, you probably don’t see anything odd about this expression, which is great.

This expression, in all of its various forms and languages, may have been around for centuries. There are many thoughts regarding its etymology, but the one I feel fits the best for me is this:

Centuries ago, when evil (the unexplainable) would come about, Christians would touch the wooden cross, signifying their trust in God that everything would be fine.

I have no idea how the expression turned into “knock on wood,” unless, perhaps, the perversion of such an innocent word as wood caused for the famous expression to be reevaluated.

What are your thoughts?

Stay classy, fellow bloggers.