Volunteering for the Girl Scouts

On Wednesday I spent the morning and afternoon volunteering at the Girl Scout camp near my apartment to help the camp become prepared for the up-and-coming summer programs. I went with over a hundred other people from work. We teamed up and painted, cleaned, cleared brush, felled dead trees, filled potholes, dug fire pits, planted, moved fire wood, and made gravel landings for eight cabins.

Trees at the camp

A lake at the camp

Gorgeous property! That entire lake belongs to the Girl Scouts.

Volunteers working hard

Gravel landing under construction

In the process of making a gravel landing.

Completed gravel landing

Completed gravel landing!

Girl scout cookies

Out-of-season Girl Scout cookies!! lolwut!!!11one (Sorry about the blurriness… I ninja-shot the photo in case the availability of these cookies were top-secret..)

All in all, volunteering at this camp brought on a tremendous feeling of accomplishment. It felt great to be a part of a group of hard-working people who completed in one day what a single person would have taken 22 weeks to do. An estimated 1200 girls will be able to learn and grow on this gorgeous property this summer. :-)

Stay classy, fellow bloggers.