Day Zero Project

Over the years I have completed three Day Zero projects. The idea is to list 101 goals to complete in 1001 days. The goals I’ve picked are based on interests I have and help me to fulfill a particular vision I have of myself for the future, namely:

  • Experience life from new perspectives through exposure to different cultures
  • Enhance my capacity for empathy and understanding of my fellow human beings
  • Drive out ignorance and falsifications embedded in me through childhood
  • Become completely debt-free and self-sustained
  • Become a recognized name in my industry

I would like to start a new Day Zero project again sometime soon. I didn’t get very far last time around. Many of these goals I have completed; I may have just not completed them before the end date. In any case, here is that list, for posterity:

The List

Goals: 17 out of 101 completed

Start Date: 1 January 2015
End Date: 27 September 2017

Continuing Education

0 out of 33 completed

My rationale for this section originates from a spotty and lackluster education. I’m trying to “catch up” in a sense. I feel that attaining a better understanding of some mathematical concepts will enable me to solve problems in new and more efficient ways. The computer science goals help me learn new tools for implementing problem solutions. I’d also like to deepen my understanding of the mechanics and tools that make my role in information security necessary, and how I can use these tools to make myself more proficient and proactive.


0 out of 8 completed

Computer Science

0 out of 7 completed

  • Complete Nand2Tetris
  • Learn the following programming languages:
    Note: Learning the syntax, structure, common eccentricities, and best practices suffices for achieving each goal. The point is to understand the premise of the language and to get a feel for developing in it. There’s no particular advantage to learning the ins-and-outs of every standard library. Upon completing one of these goals, I should be capable of writing any application in it, even if a lot of time would be spent in researching APIs.
    • C#, MVC, and the .NET Framework (Web focus)
    • Objective-C (iOS Development)
    • C (Imperative/procedural focus)
    • C++ and the STL (Object-Oriented focus)
    • A dialect of LISP (functional focus)
  • Read the Dragon Book for compiler understanding


0 out of 16 completed

  • Achieve conversational fluency in Spanish
    Right now I can hold broken conversations in Spanish with a vocabulary of around 500 words, or so. I travel occasionally to Spanish-speaking countries, and encounter Spanish on an almost-daily basis. (The USA does have the second-largest Spanish- speaking population in the world.) I’d like to be capable of speaking confidently, and without thinking about conjugations and the like.
  • Achieve conversational fluency in Russian
    My girlfriend is from Ukraine and speaks fluent Russian. I’d like to gain a better understanding of her language and culture, eventually being able to have conversations with her in Russian, as well as attend all of her Russian cultural events. I love the sound of the language and I’ve been trying to learn it for years. Presently, I know maybe around 50 words or so, in addition to the basic greetings.
  • Learn the alphabet in sign language
  • Learn the International Phonetic Alphabet
    This is probably more fun than useful. Being able to read the IPA could make for some funny times “reading” other accents and dialects aloud. It does help, though, with pronunciation of words in dictionaries.
  • Read the Harvard Classics library (12 goals: one for every category)
    I’ve already started on this goal and have wanted to complete it for a number of years. The Harvard Classics were once well-known for being the perfect substitute for a liberal college education. The content here is generally no longer a part of our education systems in the United States as we’ve become more specialized as a society; though there is so much wisdom and history available! These books are not to be read necessarily in order, but rather according to a topic-oriented reading list, which I have compiled from one of the volumes. Here also is a volume list that shows all of the works in the Harvard Classics, organized by volume.
    • History
    • Religion and Philosophy
    • Education
    • Science
    • Politics
    • Voyages and Travel
    • Criticism of Literature and Fine Arts
    • Drama
    • Biographies and Letters
    • Essays
    • Narrative Poetry
    • Prose Fiction

Miscellaneous Science

0 out of 2 completed

Career Growth

2 out of 5 completed

  • Finish WGU’s Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology, Security
    Only four classes left!
  • Begin a Master’s or PhD program at an accredited university
  • Take the CISSP Exam
    I can’t actually earn the credential without also having 5 years of security experience… :(
  • Earn the CCNA Credential In Pursuit of the CCNA
  • Earn the CCNA: Security Credential CCNA Security Easy Peasy

Personal Projects

0 out of 9 completed

  • Finish Safe-To-Spend
  • Start a security blog
  • Redo personal blog to incorporate résumé, social media, ramblings, and the Day Zero Project
  • Actually catalog the completion of my goals in my personal blog
    I failed to do that the last two times I did this project…
  • Complete WCASA’s new website
  • Complete and document the media center project
  • Watch AFI’s list of the 100 Greatest Movies of All Time (10th Anniversary Edition)
  • Marry a same-sex couple
    I am ordained after all!
  • Teach a class
  • Document Chimera and start developing an implementation of it


13 out of 20 completed

Break out of Comfort Zones

2 out of 19 completed

  • Flying
    • Complete Private Pilot License
      I already have just over 40 hours logged and I’ve completed a cross-country flight solo, but it’s been a while now.
    • Earn one additional pilot rating or endorsement
    • Ride in a hot-air balloon
  • Sports
    • Learn to ski
    • Learn to ice skate
    • Become comfortable swimming in large bodies of water alone
    • Take a dance class (that preferably teaches Salsa, Tango, and Swing)
    • Golf 18 holes
    • Go paint-balling
  • Art
    • Try pottery making
    • Take a woodworking or cabinet-making class
    • Try glass-blowing
    • Start learning to play a musical instrument
  • Brewing
    • Brew a batch of beer Let There Be Beer
    • Make a homemade distilled spirit like Brandy or Whiskey
    • Make wine
  • Get a tattoo
  • Go laser-tagging Laser Tag is Fun
  • Learn to drive a motorcycle


0 out of 4 completed

  • Pay off all credit card debt
  • Reach a particular financial figure in my investment portfolio
  • Save an emergency fund for six months of expenses
  • Create a passive income stream


0 out of 11 completed

Some of these goals probably seem crazy to a lot of people. However, I have been running for a long time. ;-)

  • Receive entire series of allergy shots to hopefully eliminate my allergies to cats, dogs, and dust mites
  • Running
    • Run a 5k Race
      done before, but do again
    • Run a 5mi Race
      done before, but do again
    • Run a 10k Race
    • Run a 10mi Race
    • Run a Half Marathon Race
      done before, but do again
    • Run a Marathon Race
      done before, but do again
    • Run a 50mi Ultra Marathon
    • Run 1,000 miles in one year
  • For each regular workout routine through the period of at least one month, bench press 200lbs ten times, in three sets
  • Start a regular sport that increases my flexibility
    Such as gymnastics, yoga, parkour, or a martial art

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